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De Levante, Edward Riches..Rev...EditorHexaglot bible vol.II (1901)
Duncan, Herbert EwingHi..dad - a biography of frank s. land (1970)
Leadbetter, C.W.Hidden life in freemasonry (1924)
Ellis, Edward S.High twelve, a sequel to low twelve- "by their deeds ye shall know them" (1920)
Ellis, Edward S.High twelve-a sequel to low twelve "by their deeds ye shall know them" (1920)
Knight, Christopher & Lomas,RobertHiram key: the pharaohs,freemasons and the discovery of the secret scrolls of Jesus (1996)
UnknownHiram: or the grand master key 
Lioy, FelixHistire de la persecution...des francs-macons de naples (1780)
Mellor, AlecHistoire de l'anticlericalisme francais (1966)
Zaldua, Ramon MartinezHistoria de la masoneria en hispano-america (1967)
Wright, JohnHistoric bibles in america (1905)
Seal-Coon, F.Historical account of jamaican freemasonry (1976)
Castells, F. de P.Historical analysis of the holy royal arch ritual (1929)
History- AASRHistorical inquiry in the regard to the grand constitutions of 1786 (1958)
Pike, AlbertHistorical inquiry in the regard to the grand constitutions of 1786 (1872)
Oliver,George..Rev.Historical landmarks and other evidence of freemasonry vol.1 (1846)
Oliver,George..Rev.Historical landmarks and other evidences of freemasonry  (1846)
Grand Lodge of New YorkHistorical narrative; illustrating clark's great masonic union picture (1851)
Ellis, ArthurHistorical review 75th anniversity -may 5,1929 los angeles lodge no.42 (1929)
Pennecuik, AlexanderHistorical sketch of the blue blanket or craftmen's banner (1722)
Gourdin, Theodore S.Historical sketch of the order of knights templar (1855)
Grand Lodge of ScotlandHistorical sketches of the grand lodge of antient free and accepted masons of scotland 
Pennecuik, AlexanderHistorical sketches of the municipal constitutions of the city of edinburgh (1826)
Carson, E.T. 33'Historical sketches scottish rite (1892)
Millikin, RobertHistorico-masonic tracts; being a concise history of freemasonry from the earliest times to the present (1848)
de Aples, N.Historie de la persecution intentee en 1775 aux francs-macons (1780)
Towle, Nathaniel C.History and analysis of the constitution of the united states (1860)
Cooke,MatthewHistory and articles of masonry (1861)
Paddock, C. B...CaptainHistory and biographical of north and west texas (1906)
Matheney, William PorterHistory and handbook of pentagon lodge, no.1080 (1938)
Fowler, Henry Thatcher PH.D.History and literature of the new testament (1925)
Hawkins, JosephHistory and records of the harmonic lodge liverpool no.216 (1890)
Sadler, HenryHistory and records of the lodge of emulation.no.21 1723-1906 (1906)
Churchill, WinstonHistory of the english speaking people the birth of britain (1990)
Gazeau, P. F. ...Rev.History of the middle ages (1890)
Walkes, Joseph A., Jr.History of the prince hall grand lodge of louisina 1842-1979 - Jno.G.Lewis,Jr. (1986)
Lightfoot, Jewel P.History of the relation between the grand chapter of texas and the general grand chapter (1943)
Rodkinson, Michael L.History of amulets,charms,and talisms (1893)
Perot, GeorgesHistory of art in phoenicia and its dependencies vol. I (1885)
Perrot, GeorgeHistory of art in phoenicia and its dependencies vol.II (1885)
Pope, Stephen A.History of bank of england lodge no.263 1788-1931 (1932)
Coulthurst, S. L.History of cestrian lodge no.425 1835-1935 (1934)
Coulthurst, S. L.History of cestrian lodge no.425 1835-1935 (1934)
Gardner, William EdwardHistory of christianity from st.paul bishop brooks (1902)
Robinson, James HarveyHistory of civilization earlier ages (1937)
Morcombe, Joe E.History of Cresent Lodge No. 25 A.F. & A.M. Grand Rapids,Iowa (1906)
Petrie, W. M. FlindersHistory of egypt from the earliest times to the XVI th dynasty (1894)
Maspero,G.History of egypt,chaldea,stria,babylonia and assyria vol. I 
Haywood,H.L.History of freemasonry (1927)
Gould, Robert FrekeHistory of freemasonry its antiquities,symbols, constitutions,customs,etc.