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McDonald, ArchieBy early candlelight (1967)
McDonald, Archie P.Texas - its first 150 years (1982)
McDonald, William L.Dallas rediscovered (1978)
McDonald, William L.Dallas rediscovered (1978)
McDougall, WilliamIndestructible union (1925)
McGlothlin, W.J.Course of christian history (1922)
McGowan, GeorgeRoyal arch standard (1904)
McKee, JohnTemple of the grand lodge of texas af & am (1953)
McKee, JohnTemple of the grand lodge of texas af & am (1953)
McKee,JohnTemple of the grand lodge of texas af & am (1953)
McKnight, Felix R.Immortal story (1935)
McLeod, WallaceAnti-masonry past and present (1998)
McLeod, WallaceCandid disquisition..etc (1989)
McLeod, WallaceCandid disquisition..etc (1989)
McLeod, WallaceOld gothic constitutions (1985)
McLeod, WallaceSufferings of john cousto,-for freemasonry and his refusing to turn roman catholic (1979)
McLeod,WallaceGrand Design..selected masonic addresses and papers of wallace mcleod (1991)
Mead, G.R.S.Pistis sophia: a gnostic miscellany (1992)
Mead, JohnFreemasonry in st. helena (1889)
Meagher, James L. Rev.Religions of the world and how the 58 grandsons of noah and their descndents (1896)
Meknitarian, ArpagEgyptain painting (1978)
Melish,William B. P.I.PHistory of the imperial council ancient arabic order nobles of the mystic shrine 1872-1923 (1921)
Mellor, AlecHistoire de l'anticlericalisme francais (1966)
Mellor, Alecla Charte inconnue de la franc-maconnerie dhretienne (1965)
Mellor, Alecla Franc-Maconnerie a l'heure du choix (1963)
Mellor, AlecLa torture, son histoire son abolition sa reapparition au XX siecle (1961)
Mellor, AlecNos freres separes; les francs-macons (1960)
Mellor, AlecOur separated brethren; the freemasons (1964)
Mellor, AlecStrange masonic stories (1985)
Mellows, StephenHistory of guy's lodge no.395 (1929)
Member of the Craft (editor)Fifteen sections of the three lectures on craft masonry..etc. (1903)
Mendoza, HarryEnsigns of the twelve tribes of Israel (1989)
Mendoza, HarrySerendipity (1995)
Merz, Charles H.Ask me, brother the masonic question book (1927)
Merz, Charles H.Ask me, brother the masonic question book (1927)
Merz, Charles H. A.M. M.D.Guild masonry in the making (1918)
Mesquite LodgeMesquite lodge no.928 a.f. & a.f. 1906-1978 
Messerschnidt, L...Dr.Hittites vol. I (1903)
Metham, L.P.Masonic orations (1889)
Meyer, Charles E.Rituals of the four degrees: Societatis Rosicrucianae 
Michener, James A.Eagle and the raven (1991)
Milborne, A. J. B.Freemasonry in the province of quebec, 1759-1959 (1960)
Miller, A.L.Notes of the early history and records of the lodge of aberdeen no.1 (1919)
Miller, O.D.Har-moad or the mountain of the assembly (1892)
Miller, Robert E.Hands of the workman (1966)
Miller, Robert E.Nintey years of scottish rite in montana (1972)
Miller, Thomas LloydPublic lands of texas 1519-1970 (1972)
Millikin, RobertHistorico-masonic tracts; being a concise history of freemasonry from the earliest times to the present (1848)
Mills, CharlesHistory of the crusades  (1828)
Mills, CharlesHistory of the crusades  (1844)