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Peach, R. E. M.Sketch of craft masonry in the city of bath (1894)
Peacher, William G.Centennial history of the allied masonic degrees of the united states of america 1892 (1992)
Peacock, Hugh C.Robert burns poet-laureate of canongate kilwinning lodge (1894)
Peake,T. Dewitt..Rev.& Murchison, John J...PGM Freemasonry and christianity (1993)
Pearce, Bruce M.First grand master: a biography of william mercer wilson (1932)
PearyReport of the executive committee in charge of kane lodge reception (1896)
Peck, Noheao A.Masonry in japan the first one hundred years (1966)
Peck, Noheao A.Masonry in japan the first one hundred years (1966)
Peckham, William H.Ancient and accepted scottish rite in the United States of America from 1801-1883 inclusive (1884)
Pennecuik, AlexanderHistorical sketch of the blue blanket or craftmen's banner (1722)
Pennecuik, AlexanderHistorical sketches of the municipal constitutions of the city of edinburgh (1826)
Pennell, F.Pennell's constitutionsof the freemasons (1730)
Percival, Harold WaldwinMasonry and its symbols in the light of thinking and destiny (1979)
Percy, William JohnThree sermons..before the provincial grand lodge of free and accepted masons of dorsets (1844)
Perkins, ClarenceMan's advancing civilization (1939)
Perot, GeorgesHistory of art in phoenicia and its dependencies vol. I (1885)
Perrin, DennisSacking of the masonic temple in jersey by the nazis in 1941 (1993)
Perrin, Jean PaulHistory of the ancient christians inhabiting the valleys of the alps (1847)
Perrot, GeorgeHistory of art in phoenicia and its dependencies vol.II (1885)
Perry, BlissChronicles of america vol. 34 the american spirit (1918)
Perry, John...Rev, editorMasonic offering (1852)
Perry, Walter ScottEgypt: the land of the temple builders (1898)
Perse, W. August A.History of independent royal arch lodge no.2 f.& a.m. vol III 1904-1966 (1966)
Peters, John P.Early hebrew story (1904)
Peters, MadisonMasons as makers of america (1924)
Peters, MadisonMasons as makers of america (1924)
Peters,MadisonMission of masonry (1908)
Peterson, Normand D.Peterson's annotated book of the lodge (1990)
Peterson, Norman D.Alphabetical guide to the themes and s.w of the rite for masters of kadosh and others (1991)
Peterson, William O.Masonic quiz book ask me another brother (1950)
Peterson, William O.Masonic quiz book ask me another, brother (1951)
Petrie, W. M. FlindersHistory of egypt from the earliest times to the XVI th dynasty (1894)
Petrie, W. M. FlindersSeventy years in archaelogy (1932)
Pettigrew, J. BellDesign in nature vol I (1908)
Pettigrew, J. BellDesign in nature vol. II (1908)
Pettigrew, J. BellDesign in nature vol.III (1908)
Phialethes, EugeniusFame and confessions of the fraternity of r.c. (1923)
Philadelphia, A. S.La vraie maconnerie d'adoption precedee de quelques reflexion (1786)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes index vol I-39 1946 -1986 (1950)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol 54 2001 (2001)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 48-50 1995-1997 (1997)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 36-37 1983-1984 (1984)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 38-39 1985-1986 (1986)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 40-41 1987-1988 (1988)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 42-43 1989-1990 (1990)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 44-45 1991-1992 (1992)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 46-47 1993-1994 (1994)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 51-52 1998-1999 (1999)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 53 2000 (2000)
Philalethes SocietyPhilalethes magazine vol. 31-34 1978-1981 (1981)