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King James VersionLiving bible (1973)
Jacob,Margaret C.Living the enlightenment freemasonry and politics in eighteenth century europe (1991)
Blackmer, Rollin C.Lodge and the craft (1923)
Blackner, Rollin C.Lodge and the craft (1923)
Heaton,Donald E. and Case, James R.Lodge at fredericksburgh (1975)
Heaton, Ronald E. & James R. CaseLodge at fredericksburgh; a digest of the early recordsi (1975)
Carr, HarryLodge at haughfoot 
Carr, HarryLodge at haughfoot 
Logan, StewartLodge caledonian no.392 1859-1959 (1959)
Harvey, Leonard P.Lodge called keystone a seventy-five year history (1997)
Grand Lodge ScotlandLodge canongate kilwinning (1903)
Cosmopolitan Lodge no. 428.Lodge cosmopolitan no. 48 centenary celebration 1865-196 (1964)
Bate, Osborn HambrookLodge de goede hoop: the mother lodge of south africa (1972)
George, P. W.Lodge in friendship village (1927)
George, P. W.Lodge in friendship village (1987)
Lightfoot, Jewel PLodge manual of questions and answers for the worshipful master,wardens and secretary (1930)
Carr, HarryLodge mother kilwinning no. 0 (1960)
Ilsley,Geo. F.Lodge music a selectiction of familiar odes set to familiar (1874)
Le Mare, Harold J.Lodge of good report, no. 136 (1951)
Lodge of Hope no. 302 BradfordLodge of hope no.302 bradford included transcript of hope ms (1947)
Shaftesley, John M.Lodge of israel, no. 205 1793-1968 (1968)
Hanson,T.W.Lodge of probity, no 61 1783-1938 (1939)
Grand Lodge of MassachusettsLodge of st.andrew and the massachusetts grand lodge. 1870 (1870)
Fox, William L.Lodge of the double-headed eagle- two centuries of Scottish Rite (1977)
Fox, William L.Lodge of the double-headed eagle- two centuries of scottish rite (1977)
Brodkett, F.L.Lodge of washington (1876)
Brodkett, F.L.Lodge of washington (1876)
Callahan, WilliamLodge of washington 
WashingtonLodge of washington and his masonic neighbors (1928)
Briscoe, Randall E.Lodge system of masonic education (1959)
Grand Lodge of TexasLodge system of masonic education (1958)
Wood, Ronald E., Jr.Lodges of northeast missouri vol. XLVIII (2002)
Wood, Ronald E., Jr., editorLodges of northwest missouri (1999)
Wood, Ronald E., Jr., editorLodges of southwest missouri (2000)
UnknownLogic working as practiced in the lodge of ascension no. 7358 (1956)
UnknownLogic working of installation ceremony 
Maclean, JohnLogic working of some of the craft ceremonies (1887)
Knoop, Douglas and G. P. JonesLondon mason in the 17th century (1935)
Fehrenbach, T. R.Lone star (1968)
Guthrie, Charles SnowLong line of plumed knights -the kentucky knights templar 1819-1992 (1992)
Hall, Manley PalmerLost keys of freemasonry or the secrets of hiram abiff (1976)
Hall, Manly PalmerLost keys of freemasonry or the secret of Hiram Abiff (1976)
Bayley, HaroldLost language of symbolism vol. II (1912)
Bayley, HaroldLost languages of symbolism vol.1 (1912)
Sherman, EdwinLost link recovered (1909)
Steinmetz, George H.Lost word its hidden meaning (1953)
Pirtle, Henry Y.Lost word of freemasonry (1951)
Walker, Dee BrownLouis antonio pires his brother's keeper (1896)
Ellis, Edward S.Low twelve- by their deeds you shall know them (1920)
Alvarado LodgeLow vale meeting under the starry decked heavens,with full moon saturday sept.7,1946 (1946)